What size cake should I get? How many people will the cake serve? This one is always tough. Each of our cake creations is different, and they are often different textures, vary in richness, and the way you serve it varies by the occasion, so the short answer is ‘it depends’. The best answer we can give is to ask one of our staff, and they can help you through the best fit for you and your event.  Below are some broad guidelines that will help you order the right size, but the reality is that it’s all in “how you slice it”. 

Remember, we can stack many of the cake sizes as multi-tier cakes to serve more. 

As a Dessert Serving // sliced with a sharp knife into ‘pie shaped’ wedges, intersecting neatly at the centre of the cake.

6″ round cake serves 8-12     10″ round cake serves 14-25   14″ round serves 36-45

9″ round cake serves 12-20    12″ round cake serves 16-30

10″ square cake serves 25-36     12″ square cake serves 36-64   14″ square serves 50-80

As a Tea or Coffee Serving // sliced with a sharp knife into an organised grid pattern, starting from one side of the cake (not as neat, but tastes as good). Below is an example:

6″ round cake serves 20-25    

9″ round cake serves 30-45    

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